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IT2Trust A/S is one of Scandinavia’s leading distributors of business-critical IT solutions within IT security and networking. We are a different Value-Add Distributor, who does much more than just move products from vendors to resellers and consumers. We focus on our business, innovation, customer needs and last but not least, a long and loyal relationship with both our vendors and resellers.

We want to be a privately owned company, financially independent and profitable. We want to do it this way so we can choose the business methods which we feel are the right ones. Of course this does not happen all by itself. There are a number of factors which should be in place before this is possible. We must have the right products, partners, employees and infrastructure.

We set high standards to both ourselves and to the vendors we work with. Therefore, we are first and foremost, looking for vendors that are market leaders in their field. A careful choice of vendors will secure both resellers and customers a wide range of products which are both stable, undergoing a continuous product development, effective and professional supported and offer attractive marketing.

As a Value Added Distributor, we take pride in providing competent advice and service on all our products. We seek peak performance in all fields and complement our technical knowledge with a wide range of services that add value to each individual solution – everything from market and competitor analysis to product positioning, marketing, technical support and training. This provides a framework for a complete package that gives attractive growth opportunities for both vendors and resellers.

Loyalty to our resellers
We sell exclusively through resellers, and work with a large network of certified and competent resellers across the Nordic region. The partners that we wish to do business with are partners that have a high penetration into the market. This means that it should be partners that either have a high general IT market share or partners that are highly specialized within the technologies that we carry in our product portfolio. It is also important for us that the partners are proactive in their way of doing business.

In direct dialogue with the end users
As a Value Added Distributor, we want to provide competent advice and services to both resellers and end users. We are more than happy to have a direct dialogue with the end users because we know that our resellers not always have the same technologic knowledge, as we do.

The way we work is based on a value added concept, which supports dealers in their efforts to create opportunities for growth, satisfied end users and greater profits. We can offer our resellers consulting, sales support, technical support, training, certifications, marketing, just as we are likely to actively participate as the resellers spokesperson or – if it is more appropriate – together with our reseller at their end user.

Knowledge is the key
We are aware that it is not always enough to choose the right staff. It is also important to ensure a continuous development and staff training. In this way we ensure that they remain the best. To ensure that our vendors, resellers and employees are enthusiastic and motivated, it is important that they have the tools they need. The infrastructure must be in place, we have from the beginning been very aware that the infrastructure solutions that we choose should be easy to use, financially sensible and they should satisfy the technical demands.

Our vision
IT2Trust want to the best IT security and networking distributor in the markets we operate in.

Our mission
We want to develop and grow in IT security and networking business. We want to be the best way for vendors to reach the market.

We will achieve this by being the most competent, proactive and flexible distributor. And by being the preferred partner for both resellers and vendors.

If you want more information about IT2Trust A/S contact Managing Director Peter Boll on telephone +45 70 22 38 10 or e-mail pb@it2trust.com

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IT2Trust A/S
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