How will a hacker find his way into your network?

With cyberattacks running rampant, every organization is concerned about the ways a hacker might be able to find their way into the corporate network. Insider threat, ransomware, data breaches… there are infinite ways for a company’s data and business to be put at risk. At the same time, organizations are opening up to more and

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Half of organizations are ineffective at countering phishing and ransomware threats

A recent study (Osterman Research ) compiled from interviews with 130 cybersecurity professionals in mid-sized and large organizations, show that they are not effective at countering phishing and ransomware threats.Phishing and ransomware were already critical enterprise security risks even before the pandemic hit and, as this report shows, the advent of mass remote working has increased the pressure

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Prevent attacks in real-time – Add a layer of security to detect, stop, and analyze threats that evade other defenses

Earlier this year, Acronis acquired Nyotron, a leading provider of last-line-of-defense solutions designed to protect mid-sized businesses and enterprises against threats that evade other anti-malware defenses.As of 18 August 2021, the Nyotron Paranoid solution was rebranded as Acronis Detection and Response. Designed with a zero-trust approach, the technology detects and stops anomalous activities, provides real-time visibility into

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5 Types of Security Vulnerabilities

Cloud services have reformatted how organizations deliver IT, pushing theon-premise model out of favor for many. With no more server farms to provision nor data centers to build, organizations of all sizes and types can rapidly acquire and deploy software capabilities to all employees wherever they work from.And they all lived happily ever after. Not so fast

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Don’t Be Held To Ransom

Learn how a proactive cyber defense can stop cyber threats before they stop business operations. In this session, we will cover the stages of a ransomware attack and the tools and techniques you need to safeguard your IT environment from device-to-cloud. Join this webinar to learn how to:Find threats and adversaries lurking in your environment.Use

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