In order to handle modern cyber attacks today, it is imperative to understand what is happening in the network. Flowmon’s advanced traffic monitoring technology, and lean-forward behavioral analysis, are among the top platforms in the marked to provide you with the necessary insight.
This insight will give you full control over your network – significantly improve the application and network performance – and last but not least give you the best protection against future DDoS attacks.
Join us when LuboS Lunter – Business Development Engineer at Flowmon Networks – will show how Flowmon is a modular monitoring solution that gives you the full transparency of your network and enables you to understand exactly what’s happening on your network – who does what and when!

This webinar will give you the opportunity to explore the IP flow technology principles and understand the benefits of flow monitoring solutions, including understanding the differences between traditional SNMP monitoring, package analysis and flow monitoring solutions.

Date: 30th. august
Time: 09.00 – 10.00
Speaker: Lubos Lunter – Business Development Engineer at Flowmon Networks.
Register: atm@it2trust.com


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