How to protect your valuable assets from IoT – and wireless-borne attacks

Why is Wireless so Vulnerable?

Unlike wired networks, wireless networks can be accessed by anyone. Even in restricted environments hackers can eavesdrop and penetrate wireless networks from nearby. 
Wireless networks also host a wide variety of mobile and IoT devices that are difficult to secure. They often have vulnerable interfaces, unprotected storage, hardcoded backdoors, unencrypted communications and insecure pairing procedures that hackers can exploit.
This combination of access, poor device security and lack of controls leaves enterprises exposed to airspace attacks that can lead to data loss, ransomware and denial of service. 

Webinar 22nd September – How to protect your valuable assets from IoT – and wireless-borne attacks

Harmony IoT from Orchestra delivers an Enterprise-Grade Cybersecurity Dome that fills the IoT cybersecurity gap, continuously identifying and monitoring the smart connected devices in enterprises’ surrounding airspace, so they would gain a total visibility, active threat detection and real-time attack mitigation to protect their assets and operations, while safely embracing IoT and wireless technologies.

Harmony IoT allows you to embrace IoT and wireless devices, giving you an enterprise-grade defense that quickly and easily identifies, monitors and protects all the smart connected devices operating in and around your business.

Join us and Orchestra on 22nd September for a 2 hour deepdive. Learn how you protect your valuable assets from IoT – and wireless-borne attacks.

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