With cyberattacks running rampant, every organization is concerned about the ways a hacker might be able to find their way into the corporate network.

Insider threat, ransomware, data breaches… there are infinite ways for a company’s data and business to be put at risk.

At the same time, organizations are opening up to more and more external contractors and facilitating an entire workforce to work remotely, exposing the IT network and critical assets to even more cybersecurity risk.

With an expansive IT network covering everything from payroll systems and employee laptops to OT machinery and everything in between, it’s a major job to reduce the cybersecurity risk.

Join us Wednesday 27th October at 11.00

We would like to invite you to attend a webinar where we will demonstrate in practice most effective ways to limit the attack surface without impacting productivity of the users.

All best practices and tactics follow the Zero Trust strategy with the fundamental Principle Of Least Privilege (POLP).

Some of the key subjects in the webinar agenda:

  • Monitor and secure remote access
  • Store and protect credentials
  • Simplify remote access with Single Sign On
  • Verify identities with multi-factor authentication
  • Managing the user and application privileges at the endpoints

The practical use cases will be demonstrated by the European manufacturer of the award winning software in the domain of identity and access management.
All of the tools can be used in Windows and Unix environments and both for administrative environments (IT), and production environments, critical infrastructure etc. (ICS / OT)

Sign up today and see the full agenda here

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