As one of the leading Nordic distributors of IT-security and Networking software, it’s required that we at IT2Trust constantly make sure to optimize our knowledge in our chosen areas of focus.

There is no easy way to credibility and as our company name states, we take pride in being able to provide both resellers and end users with the very best advice before a solution is sold and implemented.

Our road to credibility, is among other things, through our high level of technical knowledge, a solid long-term relationship with both resellers and end users and last but not least serious and credible marketing actities that support both our vendors and the technologies we carry.

Get a customized campaign …
At IT2Trust we would love to help you design your next campaign. By agreement, we can handle the whole process for you: from concept presentations, budget planning, funding, production and follow-up. We of course consider each reseller as a single partner with a variety of needs.

We can produce many different kinds of campaigns:
– Mail campaigns
– Workshops
– Seminars
– Webinars
– Sales-/technical trainings
– HTML product catalogs
– Adverts
– PDF brochures
– Case studies

Contact our marketing department on phone +45 70 22 38 10 or and get a creative presentations from us.