In our effort to offer you the market’s strongest selection of network and security vendors, I’m pleased to present our latest news – Avecto!

The short version
For organizations seeking to prevent breaches without hindering productivity, Avecto combines best-in-class privilege management and application control software, making admin rights removal simple and scalable across desktops and servers to ensure compliance, security, and efficiency. Since 2008, the company has enabled over 8 million users across the world’s biggest brands and most highly-regulated industries to successfully work from the safety of standard user accounts while enjoying the flexibility of admin accounts. Avecto Defendpoint’s best-in-class privilege management and application control makes admin rights removal simple and scalable across desktops and servers to ensure compliance, security, and efficiency.

Avecto is referred to as pioneer by Gartner
In the latest Gartner report, which was published October 2017 – ” Reduce Access to Windows Local Administrator with Endpoint Privilege Management” – Avecto is mentioned several times as a pioneer within the EPM-market.

The following statements from the report may be helpful in a discussion with existing and new customers.
• “Reducing access to local administrator rights is one of the best things you can do to improve Windows security. However, balancing access restrictions with user experience is a challenge that many businesses fail to get right” – Gartner.
• “Organizations should exercise the principle of least privilege for local administrative access. When an application or service requires administrative privilege, the end user should log on as a standard user, and privilege should be elevated according to policy.” – Gartner.
• “Endpoint privilege management (EPM) technologies combine application control and privilege management to ensure that only trusted applications run, and they run with the lowest possible privilege”- Gartner.
• “Access to local administrative rights should be removed from the majority of users in an organization if tighter security is to be achieved.”- Gartner.
• According to Gartner, “Removing administrator rights from end users and running as a “standard user” can provide a significant amount of protection from Malware, as well as operational compliance benefits.”
• “Avecto is a pioneer in the EPM market.” – Gartner

Meet Avecto at Security Summit in Farum Park, Denmark
On April 12, we will be hosting our big security day – Security Summit.
We have gathered 12 of the most powerful Security brands from our product line and prepared a day of inspiration with more than 15 exciting sessions – where LIVE technology demos will be of the highest priority. When you choose to attend our Security Summit 2018, it’s our clear goal that you get value for the time you invest.
You choose what sessions you want to attend and make your own agenda for the day. All workshops are “LIVE” demos and NOT comprehensive and long-lasting PowerPoint presentations. Most sessions will take place in English. We have chosen Farum Park as venue and promise you a very exciting day with both vendors, resellers and end customers.

We will send an invitation to you in February, but please reserve your calendar on April 12th – We are looking forward to seeing you.
Would you like to know more about Avecto Defendpoint, please feel free to contact Lars Holmberg at +46 73 502 3700 or write to us at


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