The old boundaries of cybersecurity and cyberattacks are disappearing — from the network perimeter, to distinct types of malware, to nation–state tactics vs. that of the cybercriminal. The attacker’s advantage lies in this fluidity, exploiting endpoint vulnerabilities and inadequate security controls; reshaping attacks to evade detection; and repurposing tactics, techniques and procedures for their own use. Cyberdefense, however, is often confned to silos stemming from disconnected processes, teams and network locations, and disparate data from various technologies and vendors. But the attacker sees no silos — only an attack surface with cracks to slip in through and press deeper into the network.

This report examines trends in vulnerabilities, exploits and threats in order to better align your security strategy with the current threat landscape. Vulnerability management programs particularly
are in need of context. Prioritizing vulnerabilities by CVSS scores alone still leaves most enterprises with a laundry list of to–do’s and no understanding of the threat a vulnerability poses to their organization. Adding intelligence of exploit activity in the wild, available sample exploit code and which vulnerabilities are being packaged in distributed crimeware will help organizations focus on the small subset of vulnerabilities putting them most at risk of attack.

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