PortBlocker is a simply secure approach to Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for removable storage that limits which USB mass storage devices can be utilized on a user’s workstation. With PortBlocker, users can only transfer data to approved, secure encrypted devices, which prevents data breaches due to unauthorized usage and access. PortBlocker is integrated with SafeConsole, the leading central management solution for secure encrypted storage. All endpoint activity, such as when and where a device is blocked, is reported back to the SafeConsole audit logs for the Admins to review.

PortBlocker features
• Endpoint Port Control – Approve and whitelist USB storage devices by Vendor ID (VID), Product ID (PID), and serial number through SafeConsole.
• Computer-Based Policy Enforcement -Policies are applied based on the workstation location in Active Directory. If required, individual policies can be created down to the workstation level.
• Quick Disable/Enable – Administrators can remotely “Allow All” and “Block All” devices through SafeConsole.
• Activity Audits – All events, such as when a device is blocked, when an endpoint is registered, and when there are policy edits or changes are all reported to SafeConsole in the Audit Logs.
• Geofence – Devices can be automatically blocked when the workstation is being used outside of the geolocation policy that is applied and configured through SafeConsole.

Read more about Datalocker PortBlocker HERE


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