Philadelphia, PA based Xton Technologies makes it easy and affordable to have high security for your privileged access. Their enterprise grade XT Access Manager (XTAM) is purpose built to protect against malicious or accidental access from both within and beyond your firewall. The XTAM platform works across the corporate network, third party cloud infrastructure and is accessible using any modern browser on the desktop or mobile.

Xton Access Manager software is brought to you by industry veterans focusing on enterprise software development helping IT administrators in cyber security and content management areas since 2004.

The team goal is to disrupt the market with simple to install, to evaluate, to buy, to implement and to maintain software at the reasonable price point. The software that removes complexity barriers for the majority of businesses, large and small, to protects their IT infrastructure. Let’s make the world better connected and more secure – together.

XTON named one of the best 10 security companies in 2020 by CIO Bulletin.


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