It’s with great plesure we can introduce you to the lastest vendor in our port-folio – Virtru.

Data privacy and trust are top-of-mind as companies undergo their digital transformation. Data sharing with suppliers and customers accelerates business opportunities but exposes data to new risks. Employees need to be empowered to protect data, wherever it goes, as if it was their own digital property.

Virtru was founded to address digital trust by allowing organizations to keep customer and corporate information private and under their control. With data-centric security, you don’t need to trust networks or endpoints. By protecting the data itself, you can adopt new cloud services and enable employees to safely share information while maintaining complete control of your data.

To achieve these goals, data protection solutions must provide an intuitive user experience, transparent key management, and access policy enforcement wherever the data goes. Virtru delivers all the above, putting privacy first and making digital environments secure by default.

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