It’s with great plesure we can introduce you to the latest vendor in our port-folio – ACUNETIX.

Acunetix are the pioneers of fully automated web application vulnerability scanning, and as such, bring unparalleled experience to the field. Over 15 years, our scanning engine has evolved to detect vulnerabilities that many other technologies miss, all the while providing blistering performance. Totally rebuilt from the ground up in 64-bit C + +, the new Acunetix V12 scanning engine now detects over 4,500 web application vulnerabilities.
Acunetix is sold on a target based model. A target is a web site, web application, server or network device that you would like to scan for security vulnerabilities.

The Acunetix innovative technologies include:
– DeepScan Technology allows accurate crawling of AJAX-heavy client-side Single Page Applications (SPAs) that leverage complex technologies.
– Industry’s most advanced and robust SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting testing, including advanced detection of DOM-based XXS.
– A Login Sequence Recorder that allows the automatic crawling and scanning of complex password protected areas.
– AcuSensor Technology allows accurate scanning reducing false positives, by combining black-box scanning techniques with feedback from its sensors placed inside the source code.
– Built-in Vulnerability Management tools to discover, measure and remediate vulnerabilities with ease. Including a wide variety of management and compliance reports.
– Acunetix Multi-Engine – suitable for Enterprise customers who need to scan many web applications simultaneously. Deploy multiple scanning engines all managed from a central console.
– Highest detection of WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal vulnerabilities.

Acunetix is the tool of choice for many customers across sectors, including Government, Military, Education, Telecommunications, Banking, Finance, and E-Commerce sectors as well as many Fortune 500 companies such as the Pentagon, Harper Collins, Disney, Adobe, and many more.

Acunetix wins Best Vulnerability Management solution
Product sheets, case studies, awards and more HERE


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