When investigating cyber-attacks in an organization, the starting point for the investigation is typically the moment of infection, the “boom.” The investigation moves to the “right” by considering everything that happened after that initial “boom” and how to respond. The goal is to find how the attacker got in and what the attacker did while inside.

The process for advance attacks, however, includes a lot of research before the actual infection attempts. From the attackers’ view, the reconnaissance phase is usually the most important one. It is done by collecting preliminary information, constructing attack scenarios, using social engineering, studying the opponent’s network topology as much as possible and defining the attack goals.

In this blog we will discuss the left side of the attack timeline, what happens “left of boom” – before the infection. We will cover the recon phase of attackers and how we sometimes provide information to the attacker without knowing. We’ll discuss what a corporate digital footprint is, how to find out what our footprint is, and how to use it to our advantage.

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