You must take your precautionary measures against GDPR now!
The number of lost devices reported, does not match the numbers that surveys tell us actually are being lost. In a recent survey from Ponemon, it shows that more than 65 % of users do not report it, when they lose an USB device.

With the new GDPR rules things will change significantly.
The new rules in the GDRP demand that companies have to report it within 72 hours if they lose a device with confidential data stored on it. However there is an exception, that entitles you not to report it, if you can prove that the loss does not pose a risk of data being misused at all.

Datalocker’s recommendation to meet the new requirements of GDPR is to implement a solution that:
• Protects all stored data with automatic encryption and strong passwords. This means that the company does not have to report lost devices, due to the fact that access to the data is unlikely
• Makes sure that only authorized employees have the rights to transport data. This eliminates the possibility of insider threats, that may be a source of data breaches.
• Controls which data are being transferred to encrypted portable devices. This will help the company take the right action if a device is lost.
• Gives the company the ability to remotely “kill” or delete all info on a lost device.

On 3rd of October we are hosting a webinar, where Datalocker will talk more about their encrypted devices, and how to manage them.
Please feel free to share this invite with colleagues, who this might also be of interest to.

Tuesday 3rd October 2017
10.00 – 11.00
Are you in GDPR compliance with you mobile devices?
v/ Anders Kjellander – Datalocker
Register for the webinar at [email protected]


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