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Loyalty to our resellers
At IT2Trust we sell exclusively through resellers, and work with a large network of certified and competent resellers across the Nordic region. Today we have 8 employees who loyally support and contribute to the development of the resellers.
The resellers we want to work with , are resellers who all have great impact on the market. This means that it is resellers who already have a large share of the Nordic IT market, or resellers who are specialists within the technologies that we have in our product range. It is also important for us that it is resellers who are proactive in their daily business operations.

A direct touch with the end customer
As a Value Added Distributor, we obviously take pride in providing expert advice and services to both resellers and end customers. Supporting our resellers in their business, we also have a direct touch with the end customers. This we do as a service, as we know that our resellers not always possess the high level of IT-security knowledge necessary.

Our work is based on a VAD-model, which always support our resellers in their efforts to create opportunities for growth, satisfied customers and more revenue . We always offer our resellers consulting, sales support, technical support, training, certification, marketing and we also actively participate as our resellers partner or – if it is more appropriate – along with our resellers with their clients.