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BitRater – A Revolutionary Approach To Cyber Security.

Everything is NOT ok until proven otherwise!

BitRater considers all processes (old and new) as potentially malicious EVERY TIME they start up and it performs a security check EVERY TIME before they are allowed to start on the endpoint. BitRater treats all software as ‘bad’ until positively rated as ‘good’. ALL applications & processes need a green light to execute. This method is unique, simple, efficient and very effective.

BitRater will block and stop ALL malicious software every single time the software is due to be run (and before it executes). It does not handle memory tampering that anti-virus (AV) technology provides, giving BitRater a unique partnering positioning with AV and a layered approach to enterprise endpoint security.

In 14 Days, BitRater Xray will log information to enable a policy verification phase of less than a day to kick-off. Once that is done, BitRater will then be ready to protect your endpoints. It’s that simple.

You can now get BitRater free for 3 months. Call us at +45 70 22 38 10 or contact us at [email protected]

Watch video: See BitRater CEO and former head of the Defense Intelligence Service GovCert, Ebbe Petersen, explain how BitRater works and can protect against attacks like WannaCry.