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Patrick Christensen
Partner & Business Manager
Phone: +45 60 14 94 10
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Kemp powers always-on application experience (AX) for enterprises and service providers.
Leveraging an agile per-app consumption model with unlimited throughput, predictive application analytics and automated issue resolution, Kemp is simplifying how customers optimize, analyze and secure their applications across private and multi-cloud environments. With pay-as-you-go metered licensing and centralized multi-cloud visibility into third-party ADC/load balancing infrastructure, customers can easily augment or replace their legacy load balancers to dramatically reduce infrastructure costs.

Kemp is trusted to power application experience for more than 25,000 customers and more than 60,000 application deployments in 115 countries.

Why Kemp:
• First with per-app load balancing options
• A revolutionary consumption model
• 4X the throughput per $ compared to F5/Citrix
• No cloud or vendor lock in
• Predictive self-healing keeping apps up and running

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