Administration of Vulnerabilities



Michael Toftegaard
Business Development Manager
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No matter if it’s the website or external public IP or internal IPs in the network, such as PC, Server, Firewall, Router, Switch, Printer, OIT or other systems, they all might have an unknown attack surface, that can be compromised by accident or from someone with evil intentions, either if it´s direct or indirect.

Peventio deliver the full vulnerability scan and the following excutive summery report, with the possibility of a continuous vulnerability management overview. The report is based on analyzing, Interpreting and scan report and research results.
All assets can be scanned remotely.

Why Peventio Cybersecurity
1. Easy overview of IT-security vulnerabilities and threats, on the, Website, Network units and applications.
2. Strengthen the documentation in terms of CIS controls, compliance o GDPR.
3. Gives an easy way, to prioritize the efforts in daily work with the IT-Security.
4. Better economy, by doing the right investments in the right order.