Companies that are not constantly updating the security of their internal systems and testing it often, can become victims of numerous attacks. This could be attacks from disgruntled employees, internal data-theft, or external data-theft by exploiting unauthorized access via insecure wireless access points, portals, firewall etc.
The damage caused is directly linked to the security of the internal systems. One weak link is all it takes.

An internal vulnerability-analysis ensures a comprehensive overview of the technical security level of a company. The internal analysis encompass all servers, routers, accesspoints, printers, workstations etc. and makes it easy for the CSO to prioritize remediation. After the test a detailed report is produced for the company, describing any found vulnerabilities. The report also include a security rating as well as a practical recommendation of how to solve any issues.

The report will ensure the company has documented the current security level at the time of testing. Doing continuously testing ensures even better compliance.
Vulnerabilities can also be located in the cloud where company data or applications vital for business resides.

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