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Protect your enterprise organization and customers with a Cyber Security Management System

What is Cyber Security?
Cyber security is the protection of computer, programs, data and network from the unauthorized access, damage, theft or attacks. Cyber security management system allows organizations to proactively defend against harm that may come via different sources like data and code injection, network access, malpractice by operators etc. Effective cyber security management detects, analyzes and responds to targeted attacks and advanced threats before high-value data and intellectual property is stolen.

The Challenges:

  • Around 30,000 websites and 20,000 applications are attacked every day, resulting in enterprise data and intellectual property loss.
  • Traditional security solutions are complex and fragmented across the enterprise, making businesses reluctant or unable to address the increasing cyber risks.
  • Today‚Äôs data center operational models have seen a 3000 percent increase in network connections per second and over 100,000 new security threats every day.
  • The unprecedented rise in targeted custom attacks known as Advanced Security Threats (Apts), necessitates the need of an effective strategy and solution that can protect organizations now and in the future.
  • Approximately 10 million cyber security incidents occur every day, causing $3 billion worth of stolen IP. The average cost of a single successful data breach is US$5.9 million.
  • According to an annual survey by PwC, CIO, and CSO more than 9,600 global executives, 41 percent of US respondents had experienced one or more security incidents.

The respondents reported financial losses, intellectual property theft and brand reputation compromised as the major consequences of security incidents, thus making cybersecurity the top concern for all organizations.

The right Cyber Security Management Solution enables CISOs to monitor, measure and manage organizational cyber security resources effectively. The solution must centralize and consolidate all aspects of cyber security risk management: Operations, Decision making, Monitoring, and Reporting, providing CISOs with the tools necessary to become a business enabler.

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