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Kemp Technologies is a leading company on the marked for load balancers and application delivery controllers when you look at the price compared to performance

KEMP Technologies are leading on the market when it comes to LoadBalancers, and application controllers, when you look at price and performance together.

Since 2000, Kemp has helped companies grow by providing access to the infrastructure 24/7, better web performance and securing operations while streamlining IT costs.

Kemp Load Balancers:

• Optimizes the infrastructure around both web and applications for better preformance, flexible scaling, increased security and easy administration.

• Provides network administrators with increased control over the IT infrastructure to ensure the highest possible access to applications and services.

• Reduces the overall cost (TCO) of the Web infrastructure with flexible and comprehensive deployment options.

Kemp Technologies was founded in 2000 in Yaphank, New York, and is headquartered in Limerick, Ireland today.


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Patrick Christensen

Partner & Business Development Manager


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Patrick Christensen has been with IT2trust for the last 13 years. He has a big knowledge and experience withing IT Security and license sales. In the daily work, Patrick is especially working in the areas of Network Monitoring, Managed File Transfer, and Load Balancing.

Besides from that, Patrick is very involved in the daily reseller and enduser contact, and is often involved in the work between these sides.

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