Progress delivers leading solutions in network monitoring and Managed File Transfer

Progress delivers leading solutions when it comes to Network Monitoring and MFT (Managed File Transfers)

Using WhatsUpGold, you will be able to quickly identify and fix problems, in your network, before the users are being affected. Both when it comes to physical devices, virtual, cloud, applications etc.

WhatsUpGold gives you an interactive map of your network, so you have the full overview, and gives you the availability to set up alarms, and react to threats, before they become critical.

MOVEit Managed Filetransfer, is leading in the are of Secure File Transfer, and is being used by thousands of companies around the world, when it comes to full visibility and control of file sharing activities. With MOVEit you can be sure that you follow the rules in terms of security and compliance, when you are transferring around sensitive files between customers, partners, and systems.


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Patrick Christensen

CEO & Business Manager

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Patrick Christensen has been with IT2trust for the last 13 years. He has a big knowledge and experience withing IT Security and license sales. In the daily work, Patrick is especially working in the areas of Network Monitoring, Managed File Transfer, and Load Balancing.

Besides from that, Patrick is very involved in the daily reseller and enduser contact, and is often involved in the work between these sides.

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