Progress delivers leading solutions in network monitoring and Managed File Transfer

Progress builds platforms for the development of strategic business applications, and provides tools to create customizable user experiences, a serverless cloud solution for building advanced applications, leading data connectivity technology, web content management, business rules solutions, secure data exchange, network monitoring and machine learning. Independent software vendors, enterprise customers and developers worldwide rely on Progress.

Network Monitoring (WhatsUp Gold)
On-premises and cloud environment network monitoring to help you avoid downtime, troubleshoot issues, as well as track connectivity and dependencies.

WhatsUp Gold – utilise the interactive map to gain full visibility of your company’s network devices, servers, virtual machines, wireless and cloud environments to accurately diagnose problems. Topology-aware monitoring provides smarter alerts.

Secure Managed File Transfer (MOVEit)
Secure automated file transfer and management for sharing data between partners, colleagues and customers. This, in turn, ensures compliance.

MOVEit – an auditable managed file transfer solution. Benefit from encryption in transit and at rest, task and workflow creation and a multi-tenancy option. Plus, automated failover, a proxy gateway and file transfer from your mobile.


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Patrick Christensen



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Patrick Christensen has been with IT2Trust for the last 13 years. He has a big knowledge and experience withing IT Security and license sales. In the daily work, Patrick is especially working in the areas of Network Monitoring, Managed File Transfer, and Load Balancing.

Besides from that, Patrick is very involved in the daily reseller and enduser contact, and is often involved in the work between these sides.

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