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Proofpoint has just published the new Human Factor report, an important update to their unique analysis of email-borne threats and the techniques attackers employ to ensure that every organization clicks.

The Human Factor Report 2015 reveals that last year was the year attackers “went corporate” by changing their tactics to focus on businesses rather than consumers, exploiting middle management overload of information sharing, and trading off attack volume for sophistication.

Key findings from the report include:
• Clicks happen fast: 2-out-of-3 end-users click on malicious emails the day they receive them.
• Attackers are blending their campaigns in with normal business email traffic and piggybacking on legitimate web marketing emails to reach end users and drive clicks.
• End-users click on 1-in-25 malicious links in emails, and every organization still clicks.
• The most popular and effective phishing templates were business-oriented lures such as message notifications and corporate financial notifications.

In short, users are learning but attackers are adapting faster. And as the high-profile data breaches from last year show, the costs of a bad click continue to mount.

The data published last week in the Verizon 2015 DBIR validate Proofpoint findings about the speed and effectiveness that continue to make email the #1 threat vector for attacks on organizations.

Download The Human Factor report HERE

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