ForceField is a disruptive EndPoint Protection Platform (‘EPP’) that is simple to install and operate, while affording protection that matches the market leaders and is extremely cost-effective

Developed in Denmark, ForceField by DarkPicket has adapted its unique approach to create a program that gives ‘on-off’ or ‘24/7’ protection at the most vulnerable point in every network.  Each licence comes with a modern dashboard that makes it easy to monitor and control access to each endpoint in every system, whether medium or large.   

ForceField is compatible with the already-installed processes and a free licence is available for trial operation in ‘ACTIVE’ or for dual running in ‘REHEARSAL’ mode.  In both cases, it will evaluate every incoming code and sub-code for malware and block anything it considers other than ‘good’ before allowing it to enter your system.  Its logic tells it to refuse entry to everything that is potentially harmful on the basis that it is guilty until proven innocent.  

Users can see this process in action without any risk of slowing down their system or of conflict with existing programs by running ForceField for a trial period in REHEARSAL mode.  During this period, it will remain passive in the background, but monitor, evaluate – and could control – every piece of software at every endpoint or group of endpoints:  it will prepare real-time audit files that allow system administrators to see clearly what ForceField would have blocked if switched to ACTIVE mode.   

Whichever mode is used, users will be amazed to see what challenges their systems face every day and will appreciate its methodology most when a completely unknown piece of new malware tries to enter.  These are exactly the codes that many EPP’s fail to identify and gain admission because their potential harm is not recognised in advance.  ForceField will recognise and block every one before it can enter your system, which avoids the need to hunt them down and kill them – sometimes only after they have harmed or ransomed your data. 


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Peter Boll, is a Cyber Security advisor with more than +20 year of experience from various roles. The past 15 years he have been working closely with partners to increase customers risk exposure and increase their Cyber Security awareness and knowledge. Peter is a partner at IT2Trust.

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