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Harmonize Cybersecurity, Compliance & Risk into a Single Platform

Orchestra Group is changing the way cybersecurity is consumed by providing a top-down, business-oriented approach to cyber defense.

Harmony IoT – In today’s smart-connected world, Harmony IoT delivers an enterprise-grade defense for your airspace that protects you from IoT – and wireless-borne attacksHarmony IoT delivers an Enterprise-Grade Cybersecurity Dome that fills the IoT cybersecurity gap, continuously identifying and monitoring the smart connected devices in enterprises’ surrounding airspace, so they would gain a total visibility, active threat detection and real-time attack mitigation to protect their assets and operations, while safely embracing IoT and wireless technologies.Harmony IoT allows you to embrace IoT and wireless devices, giving you an enterprise-grade defense that quickly and easily identifies, monitors and protects all the smart connected devices operating in and around your business.

Harmony Purple – Continuously analyze your organization’s controls and ensure that your critical assets are protected everydayHarmony-Purple is an automated blue and red team combination to ensure your cyber security controls are effective. Harmony-Purple layers on top of your existing cyber capabilities its patented attack path scenario engine as the operational brain. Harmony-Purple continuously analyzes your security posture to prioritize the most effective ways to minimize your cyber risks.

Harmony Platform – Harmonizes cybersecurity, compliance and risk into a single management and operations Platform
Orchestra’s Harmony is an integrated platform for defining, managing and operationalizing risk-based left-of-bang cyber protection through high level executable security policies.

Orchestra enables a “policy as code” approach to automatically and continuously verify organizational security objectives and risk appetite. This approach harmonizes and monitors the security requirements of the different stakeholders in digital security – cyber defense, compliance, risk management and IT.


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Lars Holmberg

Country Manager / Sweden

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Lars har mere end 30 års erfaring indenfor IT-branchen i forskellige stillinger indenfor salg (Account-, Global Account Manager),
Sales Management, Managing Director i virksomheder som HP, Computer Vision, Cognos, Ingres, Compuware, Informix mv. Siden 1999 har Lars primært arbejdet med producenter med virksomhedsløsninger indenfor IT-sikkerhed, netværk og softwareudvikling. Lars sluttede sig til IT2Trust-teamet i 2012 for at hjælpe virksomheden med at udvide deres PAN-nordiske forretning og bruge sin viden og erfaring til aktivt at guide forhandlere og slutbrugere i deres valg og implementering af cyber security-løsninger.

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