Scirge provides a unique approach to unveil and gain control over unmanaged third-party web accounts.
Scirge tracks the websites employees use corporate email addresses to register on and log in to. Having a central dashboard of discovered accounts helps to reduce the risk of credential-related threats such as password reuse or account takeover (ATO).
Scirge gives a level of control over SaaS usage to overcome Shadow IT. It also helps to ensure that your company complies with GDPR, CCPA, and other audit requirements.

Learn about the top 5 CIS Critical Security Controls that are difficult to maintain without Shadow IT in mind:

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Patrick Christensen


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Patrick Christensen has been with IT2trust for the last 13 years. He has a big knowledge and experience within IT Security and license sales. In the daily work, Patrick is especially working in the areas of Network Monitoring, Managed File Transfer, and Load Balancing.

Besides that, Patrick is very involved in the daily reseller and enduser contact, and is often involved in the work between these sides.

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