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Den 17. Februar 2021 fortsætter vi rækken af vores teknologi webinarer – denne gang et ”Deep Dive” ned i MDR – Managed Detection and Response – og mere specifikt hvorfor Ciso’er og C-Management i voksende grad ser på MDR for at reducere omkostninger, risici og øget sikkerhedsniveau.

Tilmelding og mere detaljeret agenda finder du herunder.


Increasing public disclosures and financial impacts have finally combined to show that cybersecurity is a concern at least as pressing as traditional risks that organisations face and manage daily.
Now, as in the area of financial, physical, or market risk, security teams must identify and demonstrate measurable improvements in order to acquire and then allocate investments intended to reduce this cybersecurity exposure: security defences must be designed and evaluated according to desired outcomes.

24/7 security monitoring and management is expensive
– Security experts needed to staff a 24/7 SOC
– Professional certifications and ongoing training per employee
– The average salary of a security analyst
– Annual cost for typical technology and tooling

At the same time, the strategic integration of security as an enabler of evolving business models is occupying an increasing amount of time for security leaders.
As a result, the C-Suite and, more specifically, CISO’s are looking for cost-effective means of increasing their effectiveness and reducing their costs when dealing with repetitive or resource-intensive functions.
Leaders are hampered in this effort by the complexity of security technologies, the volume and sophistication of the threats that they face, the shortage of qualified and experienced practitioners, and the requirement for 24/7 security vigilance.
Managed detection and response (MDR) services help to relieve these burdens and deliver outcomes that provide visibility and response guidance across all assets and security events.

Virtual C-Level Roundtable – Reducing Cost and Risk Whilst Achieving Desired Security Outcomes

Alert Logic is excited to invite you to join our virtual C-Level roundtable, with our SVP of Security and Chief Evangelist, Jack Danahy and Principal Security Architect, Dan Pitman, for an hour-long discussion on:
1. Identifying and describing security strategies as an enabler.
2. Opportunities for sharing the burden of security responsibilities in the cloud.
3. The types of measurable outcomes that define effective detection and response.
4. Capabilities required to deliver reliable MDR.
5. Some real examples of cost efficiencies and security improvement delivered by MDR in both prevention and response.
6. Identifying and choosing the right security partners for you.

Join our roundtable – Share your experiences, provide your views, and engage with your peers in a security forum that we know you’ ll enjoy and take value from.

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